Why buy a pottery wheel?

There can be many reasons you want to buy a pottery wheel. It could be for you to start a new hobby, for your child to give shapes to her artistic flair, and many more. Since you started to roll your eyes on this article, you’ve some reasons of your own to buy a pottery wheel. This article tries to highlight as well as add to some more to those.

Pottery as a hobby:

As you may already know, adopting a new hobby is great for your brain health. Pottery can be an exciting new hobby from which you can reap some real things like a flower vase, an artistic bowl, a nice planter for your monstera, a beautiful cup and so on.

Creating a long lasting memory:

With pottery you can sculpt out of clay or ceramic long lasting memory. For example, you can make a plate with ‘Happy Birthday to you’ with date and their name on the birthday of someone you love. They can keep it for a long time and remember the day you created it for them. Another option can be making a clay glass and then make some artwork on it on the day you do something memorable. The glass will then remind you of that happy incident for a long time.

It can be money-saving:

Say, you need to buy five planters for the plants that you’ve been growing like your children. You found out that you can save a good amount of money by making it yourself with a pottery wheel that you can purchase online. With the pottery wheel, you can not only make your five planters, you can make many more.

Giving it a personal touch:

The pottery wheel gives you an unique opportunity to impart a personal touch to some of your household things. The mug, the flower vase, the plate that you’ve created reflects YOU rather than the person from whom you bought it.

Brings out the artist in you:

You are an artist at heart, but that artist is always hiding deep inside yourself. Now is the time to bring her out. Use your pottery as a canvas that lasts the lifetime. Once your pottery is dry, you can paint on it your own masterpiece.

Buyer guide for pottery wheel

So, you are thinking of unleashing your inner artist in the form of a potter? And that end, your now planning to purchase a pottery wheel, but not sure what to look for when making this purchase decision? This article can help you whit that.

Things to look for when buying a pottery wheel:

Pottery size: In order to sufficiently accommodate your clay dough, you need a fairly large plate. So, to keep it compact for convenience’s sake and at that same time large enough for pottery experiments, around 10-inch diameter is an optimal size for the plate.

No Leakage:

Make sure that your wheel has some sort of anti-leakage mechanism. Leakage from the clay plate will result in an ugly mess.


Make sure that your device does not electrify your. Consideration for safety should take the center stage.

Low noise:

Hearing your pottery wheel making a loud whirring noise when in motion is the last thing you want to expect from your device. Make sure the wheel rotates smoothly and without interruption.

Direction of rotation:

Some wheels are built in a way that it rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise. It caters to both the right handers and left handers

Plate size:

Keeping it compact is great for small spaces. But the same the plate should be large enough to sufficiently accommodate the clay dough. The plate diameter can ideally be 10 to 12 inches.

Necessary accessories:

Look for what’s included in the package. It needs to be a stand-alone package, meaning that you do not have to buy anything else in order to make at least a basic pottery. Apart from the wheel, the package should include – among others – painting kit, potter’s clay, paint brushes, sculpting tools includes 3 Ibs of natural clay, pottery wheel, white glaze (for a base coat), opaque acrylic paint, paint brushes, and sculpting tools.