Pottery Cool Pottery Cool Studio

Unleash your creative side by crafting a beautiful flower vase or a mug using this easy-to-use pottery kit. Built for the age group 3 years to 18 years, this pottery package comes with 6 pottery projects.

Key considerations:

  • Ease of use
  • Includes 1 Spray Bottle, 1 Tool Holder, 2lbs Clay (4 clay discs), 1 Paint Brush, 2 Sculpting Tools, 2 Coring Tools, 2 Cores, 2 Sleeves, 10 Colors of Paint, and 1 Instruction Guide
  • Makes for a great gift idea


  • Inexpensive
  • Great for kids as well as for young adults
  • Includes everything necessary to sculpt a pottery
  • Comes with project ideas that lessens your burden to think of what to do with it
  • The clay mass is not brittle or porous and can be processed without any problems


  • Batteries not included